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Bowl Out The Competition With Promotional Hat Tricks

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A hat is a hat is a hat - nope, that statement couldn’t be more wrong. A well-chosen, correctly branded hat takes your branding exposure to a new level. Promotional products are growing in popularity year-on-year and new ideas of promotional give-away proliferate. Promotional hats, however, continue to grow in demand. They are a classic option that gets years of return on investment.

What’s The Hat Trick?

The proliferation of new ideas can make it overwhelming when working through the selection phase of products for your marketing strategy. Products that remain popular are effective in their purpose, are practical and can be used regularly. Happily, these requirements of recipients also give your brand and logo maximum exposure.

Promotional hats and promotional caps are effective, practical and can be used regularly ‒ a triple win. They are also versatile as they can be used with a smart casual outfit, for sport, outdoor work and socialising outdoors ‒ anytime, anywhere.

Promotional Hats And Promotional Caps

The popular promotional hats and promotional caps are in great demand throughout summer and winter. Your logo and business name can be embroidered or digitally printed on them in a classic or an edgy position, based on your brand’s persona.

In summer, the brimmed hats and peaked caps protect against glare, harmful UV and heat. In winter, the choice can change to beanie hats and thermal peak caps to remain effective, practical and regularly used.

Distribution Of Promotional Hats

A convenient benefit to you, as the marketer, is that promotional hats and caps are small, lightweight and stackable. This makes them easy to transport, display and carry, so you can hand them out at a golf day, from an event booth or in a mall.

Printing On Promotional Hats

Hats and caps are a great branding option as they, by default, offer a wider printing or embroidery area than small items like a pen. Your brand gets great exposure as wearers and viewers can easily see the business name and logo.

You create a walking billboard for your company every time someone dons the promotional hat or cap.

Quality Of Promotional Items

Whether it’s promotional hats or promotional bags, your choice of quality must be a priority. A regularly worn hat needs to withstand commensurate wear and tear. If the hat becomes damaged, warped or worn out too soon, then you have lost your return on investment.

As long as your promotional hats are in good condition, they will be used, you will gain more exposure, and your marketing plan will drive better returns.

Keep your styles and designs simple and age-appropriate for your client demographic. Don’t use funky, neon colours unless that’s what your target market likes. Yes, that colour might get looked at more, but only if it is being worn.

For more ideas and tips on promotional hats, give our experts a call!

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