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Fling Thing Folding Flyer


Nylon folding flyer in pouch.

From $1.26

Aussie Recycled Flyer


Round flying disks. Made from a variable ratio of recycled and raw polypropylene. Reduces the reliance on using all new materials. Made in Australia. Colour will typically be various shades of green blended with other colours but can be any colour subject to the recycled material master batch availability at the time of manufacture. Eco Credentials: Recycled Australian made materials, and printed using renewable energy.

From $1.58

Frequent Flyer


Colourful round flying disks.

From $1.80

Donut Flyer


Round flexible flying disc.

From $1.02

Fling Thing Folding Flyer


Nylon folding flyer in pouch with matching or contrast trim. Chose from existing colours (subject to availability) or contact us for other current colour availability.

From $2.79