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Highlight Markers

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Handy Highlighter


White hand shape highlight marker with 5 chisel tip highlight markers. Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue highlight finger colours with matching caps.

From $2.03

Trio Highlighter


White triangular case features 3 chisel edge fluorescent highlighter markers in green, pink and yellow.

From $1.11

Drone Wax Highlighters


Set of 4 mini extendable wax highlight markers in case. Works on a variety of paper surfaces. Will not bleed through the paper. Will not dry out if left uncapped. Highlight colours - Yellow, Blue, Green, Pink.

From $2.93

Casino Tri Highlighter


Round tri highlight marker. White centre with Blue, Pink and Yellow chisel shaped fluorescent highlight colours with matching caps.

From $1.43

Daisy Highlighter


Colourful flower shaped highlight marker. White centre with Pink, Orange, Yellow, Green and Blue chisel shaped fluorescent highlight colours with matching caps.

From $1.89

Recycled Highlighter


Highlighter case made from recycled plastic. Highlighter has yellow ink. Chisel point highlighter. Eco Credentials. Recycled materials. Sustainable. Printed using reusable energy.

From $0.80

Spinner Highlighter


Spinner tri colour highlight marker. White body with 3 chisel tip highlight markers. Yellow, Pink, Blue with matching coloured click in caps. Steel bearings for fast spinning action. Centre is printed with your logo on one side of the highlight marker.

From $2.78

Queen Wax Highlighters


Clear case with three mini wax highlight markers. Superior shelf life to traditional highlight markers - leave the lid off and they still work. Pink, Yellow and Green highlight markers with white barrel and matching transparent lids.

From $2.21

Mop Top Highlighter Pen


This item has been discontinued.


Styb K1 Highlighter


Great design area available on these finest quality highlight markers. Your our choice of yellow, green, pink or orange highlighter colours. Pigmented gloss ink, long lasting colours. Maximum softness of stroke. Extra strong bevelled edge tip. 4mm line width. Safety cap double ink level viewer.