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Avenger Highlighter Pen


Retractable plastic and metal ball pen with a built-in yellow highlighter. It has a frosted translucent soft-touch grip, a clear highlighter cover and shiny chrome trim. Avenger can be branded in stunning full colour on both sides of the barrel. It has a black refill with 600 metres of German manufactured Dokumental ink and a tungsten carbide ball for improved writing quality.

From $1.01

Flower Highlighter


Flower shaped highlighter complete with Yellow, Orange, Pink, Green and Blue highlighters.

From $1.98

Geo Highlighter


Smart chisel point highlighter with an airtight translucent cap.

From $0.75

Handy Highlighter


Novel hand-shaped highlighter set with five different coloured mini highlighters.

From $1.88



Design inspired highlighter with a co-moulded soft touch rubber insert in the barrel.

From $0.86

Highlighter Pencil Pack


Set of four different coloured jumbo highlighter pencils in a natural kraft cardboard box. The pencils have hexagonal wooden barrels and the pack includes yellow, orange, pink and green pencils. Highlighter pencils are a long-lasting alternative to highlighter pens as they will not dry out.

From $2.03

Mini Highlighter


Small fully functional highlighter.

From $0.45

Tetra Highlighter Pen


Retractable plastic ball pen with a soft rubber grip which has four refill colours and a highlighter that matches the grip colour. It has red, green, blue and black refills with 800 metres of writing ink.

From $0.98

Trimark Highlighter


Triangular highlighter set with yellow, green and pink highlighters.

From $1.25

Vivo Highlighter Set


Set of five different coloured highlighters in a stylish plastic case which has a very large branding area. The spring-loaded clip holds the highlighters securely and when flipped open it doubles as a handy desk stand.

From $2.90

Wax Highlighter


A novel but effective highlighter that uses flueorescent coloured wax for highlighting instead of ink. Wax wont dry up so it has a shelf life of many years and will always work when required.

From $0.78

Wax Highlighter Set


Compact set of three mini wax highlighters with a convenient desk stand. They use flurorescent coloured wax for highlighting instead of ink so wont dry up and have an indefinite shelf life.

From $2.66