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Bandage Box


Pocket-size plastic box with a flip closure which contains 12 bandage strips.

From $1.05

Frontier Lightweight Dry Bag


Waterproof and lightweight 4.6L dry bag made of 100% Nylon ripstop. Ripstop is well-known for its durability and is found on a variety of outdoor accessories. For a waterproof seal, simply roll down the top closure several times and secure it with the snap lock.

From $5.75

Safety Whistle


Loud safety whistle with a key ring.

From $0.84

Stress Road Cone


Road cone shaped squeezable stress reliever made from soft polyurethane.

From $2.28

Tyre Tread Key Ring


Tool for measuring tyre tread depth with a handy key ring attachment. It is supplied with complete instructions for use and is an ideal safety product.

From $1.22

Vehicle Safety Tool


Compact multi-function metal safety tool for vehicles. It has a hammer for breaking glass, a seat belt cutter, a powerful warning light and a strong magnet for attaching it to the top of a disabled vehicle. The light uses radical COB (Chip-on-Board) technology which increases both the light intensity and the battery life. It has a handy woven wrist strap and is powered by one AAA battery which is included .

From $7.80

No Contact Keychain


A must-have for everyone’s key ring is the No Contact Keychain. This keychain tool helps to avoid contact with dirty, contaminated surfaces. This multi-purpose tool can be used when opening doors, pressing buttons, using the ATM, and carrying shopping bags. Made from brass. Hook shape designed to grab a handle and open doors. The end can be used to push elevator buttons. Top side can be used as a bottle opener. Add this to your assortment of PPE.

From $9.56