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15cm Mini Ruler


Small plastic ruler with both centimetres and inches.

From $0.39

30cm Metal Ruler


Metal ruler with both centimeters and inches that laser engraves to an oxidised White colour.

From $2.48

Cameo Pocket Pad


Flip top pocket pack complete with 110 assorted colour flags and a 20 page stick anywhere adhesive note pad.

From $1.06

Desk Cube


Smart cardboard box which flips open to reveal a handy desk set. Includes a block of multi coloured note paper, a pad of yellow adhesive notes, five pads of different coloured adhesive flags and a pen cup.

From $5.65

Ezy Badge


A unique double sided adhesive badge incorporated into an A4 information sheet which can be printed on any inkjet printer or copier. After printing, simply peel and fold the badge then clip it onto a lanyard. Relevant information on the sheet can be retai

From $0.53

Flip Ruler


Conventional plastic ruler with both centimetres and inches. It has a recessed bottom edge to give a novel flip action so the ruler can easily be picked up from a flat surface.

From $0.86

HB Mini Pencil


Half size round HB pencil.

From $0.29

HB Pencil


Full size round HB pencil with an eraser.

From $0.35

House Magnetic Clip


House shaped clip with a strong magnet which will securely hold documents or notes on a fridge or any metal surface.

From $1.55

Kia Colouring Set


Compact set of six coloured pencils and a pencil sharpener in a trendy Tyvek case with a zippered closure. The Tyvek look has become very popular and the material itself is lightweight and extremely durable.

From $4.34

Letter Opener and Satchel Cutter


Very effective opener with a metal blade for opening letters and courier satchels.

From $0.62

Magic Flags


Book of 125 assorted colour, stick anywhere flags.

From $0.58
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